Insuring your Possessions whilst under Training.


It is your responsibility to taking sensible precautions and keep your possessions and valuables safe at all times.

Insurance of Personal Effects at College:

Colleges are unlikely to take responsibility for any losses which might occur on college premises, so taking out insurance may be a sensible option to consider.

However, this is entirely up to you and you must arrange appropriate cover yourself, if you wish to do so.

Insurance of Personal Effects at Sea:

Once you have joined a vessel, the operator will take a measure of responsibility for most losses that occur whilst onboard. However, you will find exclusions do apply.

There will be a financial limit on any losses that will be reimbursed, some form of proof of purchase particularly for expensive items may be requested, and any fault on your part may invalidate the vessel operator taking any responsibility (e.g. leaving your cabin door unlocked whilst in port).

Travel Insurance:

Whilst at sea, and for any travel outside the UK when travelling from home to any vessel and back, the vessel operator will be responsible for organising travel insurance and health cover. The form this takes will vary from company to company.


Whilst flying, there are international rules that govern the responsibility of airlines to passengers. In the case of any loss whilst travelling, you must ensure you report the details and carefully follow the airlines claims procedure.

Updated:     14 May 2024