The Merchant Navy provides exciting and demanding Careers at Sea

British Merchant Navy research and exploration vessel
Research and exploration vessel

Deck, Engineer and Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) Cadets in the Merchant Navy all have an opportunity to develop rewarding careers at sea within the dynamic and demanding industry that provides the backbone of Britain's trade and supports our key international role.

Advanced shipping fleets
Independent British shipping companies
95% of Britain’s goods are imported and exported by sea
Vital services for the world’s diverse industrial sectors

More about The Merchant Navy

Diverse and extensive industry sector
Cruise liners, ferries
Tankers, container, general cargo
Aggregate seabed mining
Surveying and scientific exploration
Ocean cable laying and repair
Wind farming integration
Tugs and offshore support
Emergency response and recovery

Diverse range of vessel types

Ships are crewed by specialist departments each offering diverse training opportunities and challenges with unique lifestyles.

The ship’s company