SSTG Introduction


Welcome to the Officer Training programme on which you are about to embark which the SSTG will manage on behalf of your Company. We trust that you are looking forward to commencing training shortly and that your career at sea will be a long and rewarding one. Much is expected of you by your company, who are committed to investing a great deal of time and financial resources in your training. Every opportunity will be available to you in order that you may succeed. It is now up to you. BTW


You have been accepted by a company to meet their specific requirements and will be sponsored by them from the commencement of your training. You will be subject to their rules, regulations and procedures, including leave arrangements. Similarly, you are subject to college rules whilst there which specify the standard of dress, behaviour and conduct which you will be expected to adhere to.

Training Administrator:

SSTG will be your Training Administrator and will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the training programme you will be following. This will include overseeing the arrangements for you to attend college as well as liaising with your company during the sea phases of the programme being followed.

SSTG Training Officer:

Your Training Officer will be appointed by the SSTG and they will be responsible for liaising with you throughout your training. They will be issuing you with guidance and confirming specific instructions as you progress through your training. It is important that any such instructions are followed. If you have concerns at any time, or are unsure what is expected of you, ask for clarification.

Good Luck

The SSTG hope that your training goes smoothly and that you enjoy your time with us, as well as gaining the qualifications you have set out to achieve.