Travel Arrangements.


This section provides guidance on travel that you might be required to undertake whilst under training.

By the very nature of the occupation you have chosen to follow, you will inevitably end up travelling thousands of miles during the time you spend at sea. Most of this will be undertaken whilst appointed to serve on a specific vessel.

From time to time, you will be required to make additional journeys which might include travelling between home and college, and when joining and leaving ships. Such journeys could be as easy as asking a mate to drop you off at the entrance to a local port or the other extreme, travelling half way round the world to join a vessel at a location you have never heard of before, let alone visited previously.

These guidelines can by their very nature only be very general and you must pay particular attention to any specific instructions you may be given.

UK Travel:

Travel undertaken in the UK is usually the responsibility of the individual cadet to organise and pay for. Care should be taken in identifying the most economical mode of travel whilst also taking into account the time you are required to arrive at your destination, allowing a sufficient margin for travel delays and disruption.

Oversees Travel:

When joining or leaving a vessel overseas, most foreign elements of travel will be organised on your behalf. Make sure you have all the necessary details of flights organised, liaison points and agents contact details (including out of hours details). Remember you will usually still be required to organise any UK travel e.g. from home to the airport.


Travel delays do occur the world over and you must be prepared for the unexpected. Make sure you have access to some emergency funds when travelling. Cards are useful for this purpose but they are no good unless you have some credit on them.

Travel Expenses:

Most reasonable costs for authorised journeys will be reimbursed by your company or the SSTG. Make sure you retain receipts and follow any procedures for reclaiming travel costs.

Updated:     14 May 2024