Vaccinations Required by Seafarers

This article provides guidance on the vaccinations that may be required by SSTG Officer Trainees.

When you are travelling around the world, it is essential that you are vaccinated against various diseases and conditions. These must be kept up to date. It is really important that you get written confirmation of the vaccinations that you have had and you should carry these with you at all times, as they might be needed for you to enter certain countries.

Your sponsor will tell you about all the vaccinations you will need and probably reimburse you if you have to pay for them. The easiest way to get your jabs is to go to your local GP, who will either do them at the surgery or refer you to another medical centre. If you find that you are having difficulties, contact your Training Officer for advice.

Notwithstanding the above, it is every seafarer’s responsibility to check nationally available advice and guidance in respect of the requirements for any country they may visit during their sea service and to highlight any outstanding requirements at the earliest opportunity.

Booster vaccines are often required at some point and it is important that you have these at the time required.

You should also bear in mind that good personal hygiene will help protect you against many infections, viruses and bacteria. Other sensible precautions that you should take in many parts of the world include:

  • Only drinking bottled water.

  • Do not buy ice cream, ice cubes or fruit juices from street vendors.

  • Do not eat raw vegetables, peeled fruit, shellfish or salads.

Entry to some countries can be dependent on you having had certain vaccinations. In such cases, make sure you carry the original certificate with you at all times and pay particular attention to any specific instructions you are given by your sponsor.

SSTG will usually reimburse the costs incurred in respect of most Officer Trainees and the standard SSTG expense claim procedure should be utilised by the Officer Trainee in this respect.

Updated:   May 2014.