Medical Care.


This section provides guidance on your own personal medical care and records a few sensible precautions you should take.

Whilst at college in the UK, you may be required to register with a local doctor unless your own GP is able to treat you whilst at college. If this is the case, the college will provide you with a list of local GP practices. You will need to have your NHS Medical Card with you in order to register.

Should you need a local dentist, the college will also have a list should you require treatment urgently.

Regular Exercise:

Taking regular exercise whilst at college or sea is an important activity which you should try and build into your daily routine. You may not have the luxury of being able to visit the local health spa and you will not have gym equipment on every ship you serve on, but taking simple daily exercise should still be possible in most circumstances.

Personal Hygiene:

For some individuals, commencing Phase 1 may be the first time away from home. Taking care of your own personal hygiene is paramount and keeping yourself and your clothes clean should be second nature. These days, you will also be expected to keep your cabin clean and tidy and the Master will expect a high standard from you.


Should you be taken ill or suspect you are suffering from some ailment, you should notify someone as soon as possible especially whilst at sea. Remember most ships do not carry a qualified doctor and whilst there will be someone on board in charge of medical care, the resources available to them will be considerably less than those on shore.

Sea Sickness:

Sea sickness, possibly for the first couple of days at sea, is an aspect of the job that most individuals will get over fairly quickly. However, it is still worth considering taking a small supply of sea sickness tablets with you.

Updated:     February 2017.