SSTG Phase 5 (Final College Phase) Instructions.


By the end of this phase of your training you will have qualified with your OOW CoC. 

Phase Entry Requirements: 

Entry requirements which you must have completed prior to commencing this phase: 

  • The minimum sea service for the programme being undertaken. 
  • The minimum watch keeping service for the programme being undertaken. 
  • The required sea service and watch keeping referred to above must be covered by testimonials. These may be separate testimonials or combined in one document as per the specimen certificates contained in the MNTB TRB. 
  • Your MNTB TRB completed in full. 
  • A workbook to accompany your TRB which will provide additional evidence to accompany the tasks in the TRB, calculations performed and a wealth of supporting information. 
  • Work based learning set by the college/university (usually required as an integral part of FD/SPD programmes but cadets following other programmes may have set work to complete at sea which is also compulsory).
  • Hold all the required short course certificates (not scheduled to be undertaken during this phase). 

Training To Be Completed During This Phase: 

This phase of your training will largely consist of the following: 

  • Completion of any outstanding professional studies.
  • Completion of any outstanding short courses.
  • Completion of any outstanding academic modules, assignments or other examinations.
  • The MCA OOW Oral examination. 

MNTB TRB & Workbook: 

One of the requirements of the training programme that is often not done well is the completion of the MNTB TRB and the associated workbook. Before returning to college you must ensure that the TRB is complete in its entirety with all the tasks completed and the required information filled in neatly and accurately. All entries in the workbook must be cross referenced to tasks in the TRB where appropriate. If you have completed some of your workbook on a computer, a printed copy in full must be available on request for review by your Training Officer and for you to take to the MCA oral examination. 

NOE Application Process: 

One of the priority actions to be completed at this stage of your training will be to apply to the MCA for permission to sit the oral examination. You will be required to complete an NOE (Notice of Eligibility) application form and submit this to the MCA together with various supporting documentation which must include proof of sea service, testimonials and your completed MNTB TRB. At busy periods this process can take some time so it will be important to complete the application process as soon as possible. However, this process cannot be started until you have completed the minimum required sea service. Further instructions will be issued by your Training Officer or the college and you must be ready to submit the completed application within the first couple of weeks of this phase of your training. If you do not meet any of the minimum entry requirements you must contact your Training Officer immediately so that a decision can be made at the earliest opportunity in respect of your return to college. 

Personal Study Required During this Phase: 

In addition to attending all scheduled lecturers, timetabled self-study periods, tutorials and short courses, the SSTG expect you to complete a certain amount of private study during this phase of your training depending on the programme being followed, as per the following guidelines: 

  • BSc/BEng – 30 hours per week.
  • FD/SPD – 30 hours per week.
  • HND – 15 hours per week.
  • HNC – 15 hours per week.

Items To Be Taken To College With You: 

The following items must be taken to college with you: 

  • Discharge Book and Passport.
  • Valid ENG 1 Medical Certificate.
  • All original ‘short course’ certificates.
  • Completed MNTB TRB.
  • Navigational and Operations Workbook (Deck only), Engineering and Operations Workbook (Engineer only) or Workbook (ETO only).
  • 4 passport type photographs. 

Completion of Training: 

You are now entering the final period under training. Provided all goes well, you should have your CoC in your hand within a few weeks of the end of this phase. This is a critical period in your training and you now need to put as much effort into your final studies as possible. 

Everyone within your sponsoring company and at the SSTG would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success with your studies. 

Updated:     14 May 2024