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SSTG Merchant Navy Cadet Careers at Sea – Case Studies.


Personal Accounts of SSTG Cadets

We feature here personal accounts of SSTG Cadets as they progress through training both ashore and at sea so that you can share in their experiences and gain an insight into everyday life in the Merchant Navy.

Deck Officer
Case Studies

On the Bridge at Sea around The World

Lewis was interested from a young age in exploring the chance of working on ships and travelling around the world – and having successfully developed his career off-shore he hopes soon to be able to take full responsibility on the bridge as Master.

Since joining I have been really motivated because I’m learning so many new things…

Hermione is studying to start her career in the Merchant Navy as a Deck Officer and is being sponsored by Seajacks who operate specialist jack-up vessels for the offshore wind industry

Piloting the Biggest Ships by Lee Marriott

Since becoming a teenager I have always wanted to become a marine pilot. I was lucky enough to witness pilotage through a family friend who was a pilot at the time and experience harbour towage through the Sea Cadets. Since boarding my first ship “River Blyth” with the family friend I was hooked and asked how do I become a pilot. He said I needed to go to sea… The rest is history.

My Story so far, by Owen Morgan

On leaving sixth form I decided on a career as a Deck Officer in the Merchant Navy, studying Nautical Science and obtaining an International Officer of the Watch Certificate of Competency.

Life on Board Ship with UASC by Bryn Beaurain

Four and half months ago I was lucky enough to get offered the opportunity of a lifetime to work with United Arab Shipping Company on board one of their vessels Al Murabba. I was going to be the first British Extra Third Officer UASC had employed.

A Career That I Really Like

“I was at Canterbury College studying on a public services course when someone from SSTG came to give a talk about careers in the Merchant Navy. It was something very different and I was drawn to it – and it was also nothing like what my peers were intending to do at the time.”

I Certainly Intend to be on Dredgers for Many Years

“I was impressed straight away as at college I got to work with retired seafarers, so people who have been doing the job that you are training for and who provide a lot of practical advice before you even get to sea. And SSTG were very supportive throughout. You have your training coordinator throughout your time at college and whilst training at sea who is a point of contact for you if you have a problem. And they arranged very regular meetings with you whilst you were in college.”

Engineer Officer
Case Studies

This Cadetship is a Golden Ticket, by Caera Kimmit – Engineer Cadet

I actually didn’t originally want to be an Engineer. I had intended to go on to Art School when leaving school. I have been in the youth organisation the Sea Cadets since I was 11. Progressing through the cadets I was able to take part in Marine Engineering courses which sparked my interest in the subject.

The Merchant Navy Career I have always aspired to

Robyn Wadhams-Hall started her Engineering cadetship at the age of 16 in 2006 and has just received her Chief Engineers CoC. Robyn’s story is an example to any aspiring cadet.

It’s Been a Fantastic Experience for Me

Stuart was very candid when we explored what had inspired him to take up engineering as a career and for this to end up being aboard ship at sea – and with an ‘unlimited’ certification he can work on any category of vessel.

This is the Career for Me

George is studying at Humber Maritime College and is halfway through his course to qualify as an Engineer Officer which he is finding both demanding and rewarding, with this really reinforcing his intention to create a successful career in the Merchant Navy.

I don’t think people understand how important the shipping industry is. The career opportunities that are there are extremely beneficial.

Courtney was attracted to an engineering career in the Merchant Navy in part influenced by her childhood experiencing first-hand her father’s skills as a classic car engineer.

There’s a good team spirit at college and I’m enjoying my time here – Engineer Cadet

Ben has passed all of his exams first time and is understandably very proud of his achievements. He was preparing for his oral exams when we spoke with him and then he would be onboard ship training for his last Sea Phase. Ben comes from a family living on the Isle of Lewis and who were closely involved in maritime and engineering activities.

Electro Technical Officer Case Studies

Training to be an ETO in The Merchant Navy by Arnold De Souza

I received constant support and help from SSTG and my sponsoring company. This enabled me not only to learn a lot about the subject but also secure a job with a well known company.

Training to be an ETO in the Merchant Navy by Jamie Loftus Burke

Having many friends who are at sea, I researched traineeships and was immediately drawn to the newest of the disciplines, the ETO cadetship. I applied to the SSTG and was invited for an interview, where the journey started.

Merchant Navy ETO Case Study by Steven Iversen

Having many friends who are at sea, I researched traineeships and was immediately drawn to the newest of the disciplines, the ETO cadetship. I applied to the SSTG and was invited for an interview, where the journey started.

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