SSTG Phase 1 (First College Phase) Instructions.

By the end of this phase of your training you should have a good understanding of the industry you are entering and be qualified to commence the required practical sea service in a safe manner. You will also commence your professional studies that will be completed during the later college phases of the programme being undertaken. 

Entry Requirements: 

Entry requirements which must be met prior to commencing this phase: 

  • Academic certificates sufficient to meet the college entry requirements.
  • Hold a valid unrestricted ENG 1 medical certificate. 

Training To Be Completed During This Phase: 

This phase of your training will largely consist of the following: 

  • Introduction to the shipping industry. 
  • Mathematics:   During this phase you will undertake a considerable amount of maths studies sufficient to prepare you for your later professional studies. 
  • An introduction to basic seamanship (Deck cadets only):   This will cover basic knots and other EDH tasks. 
  • MNTB Workshop Skills Training (Engineer cadets only):   This will cover basic skills including bench fitting, safety in the workplace etc. 
  • STCW Basic Training: 
    • PST (Personal Survival Techniques).
    • FF (B) (Basic Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting).
    • EFA (Elementary First Aid).
    • PSSR (Personnel Safety and Social Responsibility).
    • SA (Security Awareness).
    • DSD (Designated Security Duties (Not required by all companies).

Personal Study Required: 

In addition to attending all scheduled lecturers, timetabled self-study periods, tutorials and short courses the SSTG expect you to complete a certain amount of private study as per the following guidelines: 

  • BSc/BEng – 25 hours per week.
  • FD/SPD – 25 hours per week.
  • HND – 10 hours per week.
  • HNC – 10 hours per week.

Items To Be Taken To College With You: 

The following items must be taken to college with you: 

  • Academic certificates as specified by SSTG and sufficient to meet the college entry requirements. 
  • Valid unrestricted ENG 1 Medical Certificate. 
  • Discharge Book Application Form duly completed (please take your MCA Discharge Book if you already have one). 
  • Passport. 
  • Writing instruments; basic drawing instruments, lined paper, A4 folder for storing notes and college handouts, etc. 
  • 4 passport type photographs (in addition to those required for the discharge book application). 
  • Scientific calculator which has the following functions: Hyperbolic functions, logs, degrees and minutes, percentages, etc. 
  • Sufficient cash to cover anticipated immediate requirements and emergencies. 

Updated:     14 May 2024