SSTG Phase 4 (Final Sea Phase) Instructions.


By the end of this phase of your training you must have completed all the prerequisites for entry to the MCA OOW Oral examination that need to be completed at sea. 

Phase Entry Requirements:

Entry requirements which must be met prior to commencing this phase: 

  • Hold a valid ENG 1 medical certificate for the expected duration of your next voyage.
  • All other general requirements of the earlier phases of the programme being followed. 

Training To Be Completed During this Phase:

The following must be completed during this phase: 

  • The minimum sea service for the programme being undertaken. 
  • The minimum watch keeping service for the programme being undertaken. 
  • The required sea service and watch keeping referred to above must be covered by testimonials. These may be separate testimonials or combined in one document as per the specimen certificates contained in the MNTB TRB. 
  • Your MNTB TRB completed in full. Careful attention must be paid to all the instructions contained in the publication and provided by your Training Officer and the SSTG. 
  • A workbook to accompany your TRB which will provide additional evidence to accompany the tasks in the TRB, calculations performed and a wealth of supporting information. 
  • Complete any work based learning set by the college/university (usually required as an integral part of FD programmes but cadets following other programmes may have set work to complete which is also compulsory).

  • Take every opportunity to broaden your knowledge of an officers’ duties and responsibilities, by observation and participation (where appropriate) and by reference to company procedures and official publications.

Never leave a vessel without obtaining a completed sea service testimonial.

Personal Study Required During this Phase:

This phase of your training will largely consist of you participating in the normal activities that occur on board ship, many of which must subsequently be recorded in your MNTB TRB. At this stage of your training it is likely that you will be completing a high proportion of your time understudying an Officer and completing a significant amount of time gaining watch keeping experience or performing the duties of the duty Engineer Officer on UMS vessels. 

The written work that you are required to complete, in order to complete the workbook, will usually need to be completed in your own time and this may necessitate on average 5-10 hours private study each week, but this will vary depending on the schedule of the vessel. 

Items To Be Taken To Sea With You: 

The following original items must be taken to college with you: 

  • Discharge Book.
  • Passport.
  • ENG 1 Medical Certificate (which must be valid for the full duration of the voyage).
  • All original ‘short course’ certificates.
  • Navigational and Operations Workbook (Deck cadets only), Engineering and Operations Workbook (Engineer cadets only) or Workbook (ETO cadets only). 

Completion of this Phase of Training: 

This is an important phase in your training and the final opportunity to complete your MNTB TRB and the associated workbook and the required sea service and watch keeping, which must be supported by testimonials.

If you do not meet all the entry requirements for the next phase in your training your return to college will be delayed. If you expect this to be the case you must contact your Training Officer immediately so that a decision on your return to college can be made at the earliest opportunity.

Everyone within your sponsoring company and at the SSTG would like to take this opportunity to wish you every success with your studies.


Updated:     14 May 2024