Making an Application for a NOE


In order to take any MCA oral examination, you need to apply for a NOE. The duration of this process can vary, but in the best case scenario this will take between 2 to 4 weeks. If insufficient or incorrect documentation is supplied, or the form is incorrectly completed, the process can take much longer.

In order to prevent delays in the process, you must complete an application for a NOE as soon as you are eligible to do so. There are two separate forms; one for Deck (MD) and one for Engineer (ME) Certificates of Competency.

Notes For Completion:

Read all the notes on the form carefully, together with the following additional guidance, before starting:

  • The form should be completed in block letters and black ink.
  • All documents sent in support of your application must be originals.
  • Section 1 – complete all the details required as carefully and as accurately as possible. National Identity No is your Passport or Discharge Book number.
  • Section 2 – Under “Please tick” column, tick the certificate applied for.
  • Section 3 – The minimum sea service required will vary depending on the programme followed. The details must be identical to the details recorded in your Discharge Book, sea service and watchkeeping testimonials supplied. Pay particularly attention to the method used to calculate the ‘Duration’ of sea service. An example is provided on the form.
  • Section 4A – You should send all documents that you currently hold. You will need to submit sea service and watch keeping testimonials for the minimum sea service required for the training programme you have followed. This will vary slightly depending on whether you are applying for a deck or engineering CoC.
  • Section 4B – You should send all documents that you currently hold.
  • Section 4C – This section is not applicable for a ‘first’ certificate.
  • Section 5 – sign and date the form as required. Keep within the border.
  • Section 6 – You need to submit two passport photographs with your application and they need to be endorsed (see note under “Photographs” on form) and the individual endorsing your photographs needs to complete this section.
  • Section7 – The SSTG will usually pay the cost (currently £201.00) for the first attempt, so please leave this section blank.

Should you require any further assistance in this matter, please contact you Training Officer with details of the specific assistance required.

Updated:     14 May 2024