Managing Your Finances.


You are responsible for your own finances. You will be better off than many candidates pursuing a degree level qualification at University, but only if you manage your finances well and live within your means.

Financial Sponsorship:

Most SSTG cadets will have the majority of training costs paid on their behalf including tuition and exam fees, as well as other training costs associated with completing their studies.

But please remember we only pay, or reimburse, certain specified training costs, we will not cover extras over and above what we have agreed to pay.

College Accommodation:

Accommodation whilst attending college will usually be your responsibility to organise and pay the cost of.

College Halls of Residence may be an option, but this is not necessarily the case at every college, and provision may be limited.

If you live in outside accommodation, you are responsible for all the arrangements, such as sorting out the lease, paying security deposits and the rent, usually in advance, and meeting the bills as they become due, as well as making appropriate catering arrangements.

Please remember, SSTG will be paying your training allowance in arrears so you need to make sure that you’ve got enough money to cover your rent and other expenses when they become due. Careful budgeting is therefore required on your part.

Insurance of Personal Effects:

You may wish to consider taking out insurance to cover you personal possessions, particularly whilst attending college. See our article on insurance for more details.

Cash Advances at Sea:

It is sometimes possible to get cash advances or make purchases for goods whilst onboard ship. The arrangements for this will vary from company to company and the range of goods available often limited.

Deductions from Your Training Allowance:

By asking for a cash advance whilst onboard ship or purchasing goods for your own personal use, you are agreeing to cover the cost.

In some cases, you may be required to pay the cost immediately, although some companies may be able to arrange for the cost to be deducted from your training allowance.

You should remember the accounting systems will vary from company to company and any sums due may not necessarily be deducted for several months. This is not unusual so take care and only spend what you can afford. If you are not prepared to accept the terms do not take any advance or purchase goods in the first place.


Another aspect of the career you have chosen is the need to travel to join and leave ships. This can sometimes be the nearest port to your home or require you to travel half way around the world.

You will often be required to make arrangements to complete any travel within the UK initially at your own expense and subsequently reclaim the cost. But remember, travel is not without its difficulties and you MUST have sufficient resources to pay additional travel costs should that be necessary in an emergency.

Updated:     14 May 2024