Discharge Book Application Guidance Notes

At the beginning of Phase 1 you will be required to apply for a Discharge Book if you do not already have one. This is an official seafarer’s identification document, similar to a passport, into which details of sea service completed on board vessels and other information relating to your seafaring career will be recorded.

A copy of the required Discharge Book Application form can be found here.

The application form for a Discharge Book, must be completed as carefully and as accurately as possible.  Please take the completed form to college with you together with two endorsed passport photographs and this will be collected from you during your first company meeting.  Please see instructions for completing the form below:

Page 1: 

  • Tick box for the first issue of a UK Discharge Book.
  • Complete the Personal Details section as carefully as possible.
  • Address for return of documents: Complete this with the SSTG Office as follows:   The Precinct Office, The Precinct, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1SR.

Page 2:

  • Part B:   Sign and date this section (SSTG will delete the fields not required).
  • Part C:   Do not complete this section as you do not require a British Seaman’s Card.

Page 3:

  • Part D:   Do not complete this section. SSTG staff will complete this section as required.

Page 4:

  • Leave this page blank as you do not require a British Seaman’s Card..

Page 5:

  • Part G:   This section needs to be countersigned along with two passport photographs. There are instructions on the form about who may countersign your application and the specific wording that has to be written on the back of one of the photographs.

Page 6:

  • Part H:   Sign and date this section where required.

Once you have completed the application form, and have the relevant section countersigned by the same individual who has completed the reverse of one of the photographs, send it to the SSTG office at the following address:

Ship Safe Training Group Ltd.
The Precinct Office
The Precinct
Me1 1SR.

You do not need to pay for the issue of your discharge book as SSTG will do this.

Once issued, SSTG will arrange for this to be forwarded to you.

If you have any questions, please contact your nominated SSTG Training Officer.