The key role played by the British Merchant Navy

As an island nation we import and export huge quantities of products, with over 95 % of this trade being transported by sea. We rely on the ships of the Merchant Navy to transport these goods, many of which we take for granted to be in our supermarkets and to be readily available in our everyday lives.

Ships of the Merchant Navy also provide many other services worldwide. These include:

Cruise Vessels:   
Many more people go cruising today than ever before.

Container Vessels:   
Carrying many of the products we buy in the shops today.

Cable Laying and Repair ships:   
We would not have the same access to the internet without these types of vessels.

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production:   
This is an industry in-itself, with many thousands of specialist vessels involved in under-water survey, oil exploration and production of natural resources such as oil and gas that we rely on for our everyday energy requirements. 

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