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The Ship Safe Training Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as SSTG) take the security of personal data very seriously and take all reasonable steps to prevent its disclosure to third parties, except as provided for under this policy.

Application Process:

SSTG is required to obtain certain personal details from candidates who wish to apply for sponsorship to train as a ship’s officer including, but not limited to, those listed below:

– full name, address and other contact details.

– date of birth and nationality.

– details of academic and vocational qualifications held or expected to be achieved.

– details of employment history.

– a personal statement by the candidate.

–  a medical declaration by the candidate.

This information is necessary to facilitate the selection of candidates and the subsequent management of training undertaken by successful applicants.

The application form provides the facility to save the information provided at intervals throughout the process, and for the candidate to return to complete the application at a later date. Any information provided is held securely on our server separately from the rest of the site and we take all reasonable steps to prevent its unauthorised disclosure.

In order to protect your personal data, any application not completed and submitted within one calendar month will be deleted from our server.  The information is held in this manner primarily for your convenience.  We therefore have no legitimate business interest in retaining such information from individuals who do not wish to proceed with an application and shall delete the information in order to adhere as far as possible to the data protection responsibilities we hold.

Personal information provided by you in the application process and the accuracy of the information provided is your responsibility. If you wish to correct any information provided please contact us by using the contact form on this site

In order to confirm the accuracy of the data supplied, candidates invited to attend an interview will be asked to provide documentary evidence of the information supplied.

SSTG will confidentially destroy any information supplied by candidates who are unsuccessful in the selection process within one month of leaving the process.

In order to facilitate the application process, information may be shared with:

  • Potential sponsoring companies, who may be located outside the EU
  • Nautical colleges, to check your eligibility to enrol on the course you are applying for. 
  • The Department for Transport and their agents who are responsible for the administration of grant funding which provides a measure of financial support that partly funds the training being undertaken, to check your eligibility for grant funding.

Please note that SSTG may be required to process restricted medical information in respect of candidates for the purpose of making a judgement on whether you would obtain an unrestricted seafarers medical certificate.  SSTG maintains the utmost security and confidentiality in respect of this information and will not share any such information with any third party.  Where SSTG requires professional assistance to determine this issue, any information shared with a medical professional will be on an anonymised basis.

Statistical Information:

We collect data on the number of visitors and users who view this site as well as how they make use of the information provided. We also maintain aggregated statistical information on the number of applications received. This does not include any personal information that is capable of identifying any individual.

Equal Opportunities:

SSTG is an equal opportunities employer. This means that all candidates and members of staff will receive equal treatment and that we will not discriminate on grounds of gender, race, ethnic origin, nationality, disability, religion or age.


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Accepting cookies does not provide access to the rest of your computer and SSTG does not use cookies to track your online activity once you leave our site.

Third Party Websites:

This site includes links to third party sites where the privacy policy may be different to that of the SSTG. Visitors should consult the third party websites for further details of each site‘s policy.


SSTG provides the information on this site for the use of visitors. We do not provide any assurances that the information provided is complete, accurate or up to date.

SSTG does not accept any liability for any direct or indirect or consequential loss arising for the use of this site.

No assurance is given that the pages on this site do not contain any computer viruses, although we take all reasonable steps to prevent such infections.

This policy may be updated from time to time.

If you have any queries regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact the Managing Director, Ship Safe Training Group Ltd, The Precinct Office, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1SR.

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