Your Electro-Technical Officer Cadet Training.

Your first step to becoming an Electro-Technical Officer is to complete a 3 year ETO Cadet Training programme. You will study at one of the specialist UK nautical colleges and your shore based studies will be interspersed with the completion of sea service.

Electro-Technical Officer Cadet Training Programmes are currently available at HND and Foundation Degree levels and will include an academic qualification in Marine Electronic Engineering or similar subject. The entry requirements will vary depending on the level of the qualification gained.

Once qualified as an ETO Officer, you will be responsible for highly advanced electronic and electrical equipment and computer systems. Essential maintenance and repair tasks include radio and satellite communications, and electronic navigational aids. As an electronics specialist, specific roles include overseeing and maintaining general IT systems. Requires a working understanding of the ship's power generation and distribution.

These days the career of an Electro-Technical Officer is likely to lead to qualification as a Senior Electro-Technical Offcier before taking up a shore-side employment.

SSTG are currently seeking applications from individuals who would like to training as a Ships Officer with a range of opportunities commencing in January and August/September 2018.

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Updated:     August 2017.