Careers at Sea in the Merchant Navy with the SSTG.

Deck, Engineer and Electro-Technical Officers in the Merchant Navy play a central role in maintaining the extraordinary success story of one of Britain's leading industries. As an inland nation we still rely on ships of the Merchant Navy to carry 95 % of our inputs and exports.

Today the ships of our Merchant Navy do not just carry goods but are also involved in the movement of people; the exploration and extraction of natural resources such as oil, gas and other minerals found under the sea; the installation and repair of communications cables under the sea bed which carry the majority of the world's internet traffic; and they also provide many other specialised services.

Your Career at Sea

The number of crew found on board a modern Merchant Navy vessel will be considerably less than what was typically the case in the past, with the largest container vessels in the world now being manned by 20 - 25 seafarers. The crew will be divided into a number of departments, made up of the Deck, Engineering, Electro-Technical and Catering or Hospitality departments.

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Updated:     September 2017.