Your Studies as a Deck, Engineer or ETO Cadet in the British Merchant Navy.

A key stage in your training is the issue of a Certificate of Competency* for which the following must be achieved:

  • The medical standard, including vision.

  • Completion of initial training.

  • Completion of appropriate sea service, including watchkeeping.

  • Successful completion of an approved training programme and assessments.

  • Successful completion of the required ancillary training.

  • Success in the MCA oral examination.

The SSTG recruitment process includes the requirement for all candidates to undertake a Merchant Navy Medical examination and gain an unrestricted medical certificate. In most cases we will interview candidates and issue Offers of Sponsorship subject to obtaining a medical certificate. However, where a candidate has an existing condition which might influence the candidate’s ability to obtain an unrestricted medical certificate, our advice would usually be for the candidate to obtain a medical certificate early in the process.

All SSTG Deck, Engineer and Electro-Technical Officer Cadets follow an MNTB/MCA* approved training programme.

Most are three years in duration and follow the following format:

Phase 1:   Initial College Phase.

Programme introduction, initial academic studies and professional safety training.

Phase 2:   Initial Sea Phase.

Introduction to a life at sea, commencement of practical training recorded in the Training Record Book* and introduction to watchkeeping.

Phase 3:   Interim College Phase.

Review of initial sea phase and continuation of academic studies.

Phase 4:   Final Sea Phase.

Completion of Training Record Book, sea training workbook and watchkeeping.

Phase 5:   Final College Phase.

Completion of any outstanding academic studies and assessments, advanced short courses and preparation for the MCA oral examination.

There a small number of exceptions to the standard framework above and some colleges will alter the duration of college phrases to fit around college and public holidays.

Further information:

* A valid Certificate of Competency (CoC) is a requirement for all officers working on merchant navy vessels.

*MNTB/MCA. Merchant Navy Training Board / Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

*The MCA Training Record Book is used throughout your training to record completion of key tasks. Successful completion is a pre-requirement for sitting examinations.

Updated:     June 2019.