Studying at College for a Career at Sea in the Merchant Navy with SSTG.

Whilst at college you will be studying mainly in a classroom environment. This will involve a range of different elements from structured lectures, tutorials and practical work. Your college will also expect you to undertake a considerable amount of self-study and learning.

Assessments will also be delivered in a variety of formats, from formal exams to open assignments completed outside the structured college environment. An important part of the process will be ensuring you can satisfactorily meet stated deadlines to prepare you for your responsibilities at sea.
The extensive range of facilities you will experience at college might seem daunting at first, and especially given the significant infrastructure provided in order to realistically simulate various tasks you will encounter at sea. For Engineering Officer Cadets this will include a comprehensive and intensive hands-on experience within the practical engineering workshop.

See also Deck Cadet Training and ETO Cadet Training.

Updated:     June 2019.