SSTG training Ship's Officers for over 40 years

A Career at Sea with The ship Safe Training Group

The Ship Safe Training Group Ltd (or SSTG) has provided an entry route for Deck, Engineer and Electro-Technical Officer Cadets wanting to start a career at sea in the Merchant Navy for over 35 years.

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Why choose a career at sea?

Exciting range of careers
Diverse training choices
Working on sophisticated ocean-going vessels
Opportunities for international travel
Long-term career paths at sea and onshore
Promotional development to match your aspirations
Rewarding salary structures
Appealing lifestyle choices
Dynamic and key economic sector

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Training for careers as Deck, Engineer and Electro-Technical Officers

There are three specialist roles. Deck Officers (also referred to as Navigating Officers) are responsible for navigating the ship safely. Engineer Officers and Electro-Technical Officers specialise in the complex control systems that control their vessels’ operation.

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Deck officer cadets in training with SSTG
Deck Officer cadet

Engineer officer cadet in training with SSTG
Engineer Officer cadet

Electro-Technical officer cadet (ETO) in training with SSTG
Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) cadet

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Updated:   16 January 2018.