SSTG Sponsorship for your Career at Sea in the Merchant Navy

SSTG Officer Trainees in Merchant Navy
SSTG Officer Trainees

Joining the Merchant Navy to enjoy a career at sea is certainly exciting but does inevitably raise some natural concerns for both the applicant and their relatives, especially when away from home studying or on-board ship on a distant ocean.

The SSTG has 40 years’ experience in delivering comprehensive practical and personal support to Deck, Engineer and ETO Officer Cadets. Our Training Officers are sympathetic to the natural concerns of applicants and are here to provide help and guidance throughout all phases of your training - both onshore and at sea.

Training Allowance

Officer Cadets normally receive a financial allowance which is spread throughout your training and paid monthly. The level of financial support varies from sponsor to sponsor and will be advised upon successful interview.

Support at College

You will be assigned an experienced Training Officer who will keep a watching brief on your progress as you undertake your time at college. This comprehensive support covers your entire period of college education and is provided to coordinate all of your training needs, to help with any studying difficulties you may experience, and to provide personal assistance where required.

Support at Sea

Officer Cadets are required to undertake sea service on vessels operated by their sponsor, or on other training ships. You may be expected to join vessels in your home port for onward travel to a foreign port. Travel costs to and from each vessel will be reimbursed in full. All of your training and living costs whilst on-board are also provided for.

When aboard ship your welfare will continue to be actively monitored by your Training Officer who will assist with everything from applying for visas to organising your personal identity papers. This includes your all-important Discharge Book, which records details of your sea service throughout your career in the Merchant Navy.

Updated:     February 2018