SSTG – Passionate about Seafarer Training for the Merchant Navy

At SSTG our ethos is one of setting high standards in the level of training and support we provide for both newcomers to the Merchant Navy and to established seafarers who are wanting to further their careers both at sea and onshore.

Merchant Navy container ship
A small container vessel by today's standards

Our Vision:

Through the continual assessment and evaluation of our objectives and methods, our vision is to ensure that:

•    We actively identify and engage with the evolving and individual needs of our Member Companies, engaging with their day-to-day interaction with the dynamics of the national and international maritime industry.

•    We retain the passion we have for ensuring the success and welfare of all trainees and seafarers in our care.

Our Values:

Our core values are applied at every level of our organisation. These include:

•    Demonstrating our organisational integrity through plain talking, honesty, fairness, respectfulness, and in openly delivering our promises.

•    Energetically maintaining and applying a can-do attitude at every level of our organisation.

Our Expectations:

SSTG aims to apply a high level of integrity and support in conjunction with our Member Companies to ensure that we deliver the exacting expectations of an equivalent in-house recruitment and training department.

•    To maintain a high level of respect when managing and communicating with our trainees to always ensure their needs and expectations are met at all times.

•    To provide a high quality of response to our Member Companies and trainees within a time-scale and manner directly appropriate to their individual needs.

•    To continue in the development of our communication and IT systems, and to constantly monitor and improve the resources we provide.

The SSTG Mutual Respect Policy:

SSTG is opposed to any discrimination based on age, colour, disability, marital status, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or creed. We have adopted a statement of equal opportunities to give effect to this commitment.

SSTG and the Environment:

We are committed to:
•    Be the most respected and trusted marine recruitment and training organisation in the UK.

•    Improving and reducing our impact on the environment and to reducing our carbon footprint.

An Invitation to meet The Team:

We welcome having the opportunity to introduce you to our head office team in Rochester, Kent. Alternatively, we can arrange a visit to your offices if preferred. This will enable us to discuss in detail how SSTG can best help you in delivering quality recruitment and training services specifically to meet your needs.

To find out how we can help you manage your seafarer training requirements, please contact us now for free and confidential advice.