SSTG training Merchant Navy Cadets for a Career at Sea

SSTG was founded in 1978 by a group of traditional coastal shipping companies.

The catalyst for the formation of the group was the introduction of the first Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) international convention. Prior to this most vessels trading within UK waters were not required to adhere to any international manning regulations or require their seafarers to hold any formal qualifications.

Initially, SSTG’s activities were restricted to the recruitment and training of Deck Ratings. Ratings that were identified as having the aptitude went on to complete the initial Deck Officers certification, known at the time as a Class 5 Certificate. This met the requirements of the founding Member Companies well, although this was soon to change.

Merchant Navy SSTG officer cadets
SSTG Trainees past ....

Our recruitment brief soon expanded to undertake the direct recruitment of Officer Trainees to undertake three year training programmes to provide qualification as a Deck Officer, with candidates obtaining Class 5, Class 4 or Class 3 certification.

As a mutual company SSTG’s role was further expanded to provide wider training in different qualifications for our member companies. This for example included enabling Deck Officer Trainees to gain additional qualifications such as the Marine Engineer Operator Licence.

Later came the direct recruitment of candidates seeking certification as Engineering Officers, with dedicated groups of students utilising the college provision at a number of specialist Nautical Colleges spread across the UK .

SSTG officer cadets in the British Merchant Navy
... and present

The latest STCW convention has led to the introduction of candidates recruited for training for qualification as an Electro Technical Officer (ETO).

SSTG continues to effectively service the requirements of our Member Companies. We work closely with them to meet their individual needs and to oversee the training requirements of their Deck, Engineer and Electro Technical Officers, as well as their other seafarers.

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