Jack-up Vessels

Jack-up rigs are a specialist type of self-elevating installation with three or four legs that can be extended, or ‘jacked-up’, either above or below the hull. Jack-ups will often be towed to site, but may be self-propelled with the legs extended above the hull. Once on site, the legs are deployed through the water and into the sea bed. This anchors the rig and holds the vessel’s hull above the water level.

Generally such vessels work in relatively shallow water of less than 120 metres, although the latest vessels are capable to working in deeper waters.

Jack-up rigs or platforms may be used for a range of tasks including exploratory drilling and offshore wind farm installation and servicing tasks.

The current estimate for the total number of Jack-up rigs in operation is 540.

SSTG Member Companies that operate this type of Vessel include: