SSTG is seeking Candidates to train as ETOs

It is not too early to apply to the SSTG for sponsorship for the September 2017 intake. SSTG will be seeking candidates to train Electro-technical Officers, as well as Deck and Engineer Officers.

Each year SSTG have approximately £7.5 million to spend on training Merchant Navy Officer Cadets - with applications now open for the September 2017 intake.

One of the new opportunities over recent years is a new entrant training programme leading to qualification as an Electro-Technical Officer. This followed the establishment of an internationally recognised Certificate of Competency as ETO. The need for highly experienced officers in electronics and control systems has never been in doubt and this development has led to the opportunity for the right candidates to enter the Merchant Navy with A levels or Highers and qualify as an ETO officer within three years.

As a relatively new qualification, the demand for candidates with an ETO CoC is expected to be high in the coming years. This is going to provide exciting opportunities for candidates with the right aptitude and interest in this specialist field.

The programme consists of five phases - three college phases interspersed by two phases spent at sea during which you will be putting into practice the academic theory learnt at college. The time required to train at sea could be spent on a wide range of ship types. These range from cruise vessels through to sophisticated telecoms vessels that lay and repair underwater cables that carry the majority of the world’s internet traffic. There is also high demand for ETO officers on survey vessels and many other ship types where the electronic systems being introduced are ever more sophisticated.

The academic training is currently only available at South Shields Marine School and Warsash Maritime Academy (Southampton), although other maritime colleges are known to be developing courses.

In addition to meeting the academic entry requirements, you must be able to pass the Merchant Navy Medical and have a genuine interest and aptitude for service at sea.

There are also considerable opportunities available for careers ashore later in your career, and these are expected to dramatically increase over the next few decades.

See the case study of a recently qualified ETO here.

Monday, 19 December 2016

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