SSTG Cadets Where are they now

SSTG is seeking to find out more about the positions former SSTG Deck, Engineer and ETO Cadets have achieved.

This year SSTG will be 40 years old. In that time we have trained thousands of young people to become Merchant Navy Officers. To celebrate this milestone we would like to gather some information from people we have trained over the years. The information we would like is who you are working for and in what position.

We intend to use this information in our future marketing activities with a view to attracting young people into our industry. We hope that some of the positions former SSTG cadets have now reached will aspire potential candidates and show them what previous SSTG Cadet's have achieved, and the jobs they may end up in after training with the SSTG. No individual names will be used without prior consent but we would envisage using job titles on line and in printed material where appropriate.

If you are willing to be involved please respond through Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter or alternatively you can e-mail Ian Palmer, the SSTG Marketing and Development Manager at

If you know other Cadets that previously trained with SSTG, please pass this information on to them or share on your own social media pages.

We look forward to hearing what positions in the Maritime Industry you have achieved.


Tuesday, 02 January 2018

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