Train to be a Ship’s Engineer with the SSTG

SSTG are providing opportunities for sponsoring up to 35 cadets to start their training in January 2019 to qualify as an Engineer Officer in the Merchant Navy. Successful candidates will receive a sponsorship package worth over £50,000.

The SSTG application process is open all year round and we are currently seeking applications to train as a Ship’s Engineer.

Your training follows a three-year programme and leads to either a Foundation Degree or a Higher National Diploma. You will also be studying for your internationally recognised licence that qualifies you to serve as a Ship’s Engineer.

SSTG ship's engineer training in Merchant Navy
Ship's Engineer cadet training

Being responsible for all the technical systems on a ship is a rewarding and challenging role. The largest ships in the world have plant that can generate in excess of 30,000 horse power - enough power to provide the electricity requirements of a small town.

Modern vessels will often have unmanned engine rooms at night. One engineer will always be designated as the duty engineer who will respond to any alarms that sound whilst the engineer control room is unmanned.

Many candidates qualifying as a Ship’s Engineer often come ashore after spending a spell at sea, and the careers available to them are diverse. Your training provides extensive experience in all aspects of mechanical engineering and modern control systems - as well as electrical generation and distribution, welding, refrigeration, and ventilation. This provides for a choice of a variety of career opportunities.

SSTG has over 40 years’ experience overseeing the training of individuals as Deck, Engineer or Electro-Technical Officers. We represent a range of companies who operate a diverse range of different ship types. 

If you are interested in a career at sea in the Merchant Navy go straight to our application form to train as a Ship’s Engineer Officer.

Friday, 19 October 2018

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