SSTG Member Companies are continuing to invest in replacement tonnage.

SSTG will be sponsoring up to 75 cadets to commence training in January 2019 to qualify as either Deck, Engineer or ETO Officers in the Merchant Navy. Selected candidates could be assigned to work on modern tonnage like the Putford Defender.

Manning the numerous and varied ships of the British Merchant Navy requires self-assured and confident individuals. Being away from family and friends is not for everyone, but for those that like the lifestyle it is undoubtedly the best career in the world!

Every shipping company needs to continually invest in replacement tonnage and the Putford Defender is one of the latest vessels to join the Boston Putford group.

The Putford Defender
The Putford Defender

Whether you train as a Deck, Engineer or Electro-Technical Officer every ship type offers a very varied and interesting life style.

Offshore vessels work across the world predominately in locations where oil and gas are extracted from beneath the sea bed.  SSTG also work with some of the most prominent shipping companies operating in the North Sea. Working close to home has many advantages including short voyage lengths which are interspersed with frequent spells on leave. And serving close to home will mean that you are less likely to be delayed by bad weather.

The sponsorship provided by SSTG includes the necessary sea service with up to 12 months training being undertaken on board the vessels operated by your sponsoring company. All of your tuition fees will be paid for you and you will also enjoy a personal monthly training allowance.

Ready to apply now? Go straight to our application to train as a ship’s officer.

Friday, 12 October 2018

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