Want Sponsorship to train as an Electro Technical Officer?

If you are interested in joining the ETO programme now is the time to apply as the recruitment process for the January intakes is well under way.

SSTG sponsor candidates to train at all levels on the Deck, Engineer and Electro Technical Officer programmes. The selection and recruitment process for all the merchant navy training programmes commencing in January 2018 is now active.

Most of our requirements are for candidates seeking sponsorship to enrol on the Foundation Degree programmes. These require candidates to hold ‘A levels’, ‘Higher’ qualifications or similar. The full entry requirements can be found here.

The ETO programme enables successful candidates to gain a Certificate of Competency as Electro Technical Officer cadet. To read more about the role of an ETO officer see the additional information to be found here.

To apply you must complete our online application process. Please make sure you complete to stand the best possible chance of gaining sponsorship,

Good Luck with your application.

Tuesday, 07 November 2017

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