ETO Cadet Training Programme Entry Requirements

To qualify as a Deck, Engineer or Electro Technical Officer in the Merchant Navy takes a candidate with a particular mix of skills. These include meeting the academic entry requirements, as well as being physically fit and meeting the eyesight requirements.

To serve as a qualified officer on board a modern Merchant Navy vessel requires a practical attitude to problem solving in the work place, the personality to get along with people and work as part of an integrated team, as well as having the initiative to work alone and make decisions whilst under pressure.

Working away from home is not for everyone, but for those who believe a career involving travelling where every day is different to the last. A career as a qualified Deck, Engineer or Electro Technical Officer in the Merchant Navy can be extremely rewarding.

The minimum entry requirements are set by the MNTB/MCA and these include the following:


All training programmes offered in the UK are approved by the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB) and Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and are overseen by an Approved Training Provider like the SSTG.

The minimum entry requirements set by the MNTB/MCA are as attached:


All candidates must be in good health and pass a statutory Merchant Navy Medical Examination prior to the commencement of training.

Further details of the medical standards can be found on our fact sheet 'Seafarer Medicals'.


All candidates must meet specified eyesight which differ for Deck, Engineering and Electro Technical Officers. 

Further specific details on the vision and sight requirements can be found on our fact sheet 'Seafarer Vision Requirements'.


To qualify for the full extent of government funding which is available to support Officer Cadet training in the UK, you must be the holder of an EEA (European Economic Area) passport and be ordinarily resident in the UK.


All applications are considered on their merits irrespective of the age of the candidate. However all candidates must be at least sixteen years of age by the date they commence training. A single training allowance is offered irrespective of age at commencement of training.

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