My Cadet Training Experience with Tarmac Marine

Since the beginning of my cadetship at Tarmac Marine starting in March I have felt immediately welcomed and very comfortable being a cadet onboard their ships.

Each of the crews are all very professional and are highly knowledgeable. They have always been very happy to help whenever needed and I have learnt a huge amount from them.

Sam Harms
Sam Harms

I spent my first sea phase of six months completing four trips on each of Tarmac’s ships. They are all very interesting and operate in some very complex waterways across the UK, making my time at Tarmac invaluable. as I have learnt so much being able to see how the ships navigate and work in busy areas such as Southampton, the Thames and Liverpool.

Because the fleet at Tarmac are coastal due to the dredging operations they carry out, it has meant that I have learnt a lot of vital skills and information that is hard to access when with other shipping companies. The ships are always in and out of ports which has allowed me to learn about ship handling and navigating in pilotage areas, as well as mooring operations.

My recruitment process was through SSTG, who although managing many cadets still handled the beginning of my cadetship well. I visited their main office in Rochester for my interview and met some great people who helped me hugely by choosing Tarmac as the company to take my cadetship through.

I have had no regrets in choosing Tarmac as the level of my learning has been fantastic and I am keen to begin my second sea phase next year in 2019.

Sam Harms