SSTG Offer of Sponsorship leading to a Career at Sea

Following a successful interview process, offers of sponsorship are made by e-mail.

Your offer of training in The Merchant Navy with SSTG

Offers will be subject to obtaining a Seafarers Medical (without any restrictions) and any outstanding academic requirements being met. Other conditions may be attached to an offer, which must be satisfied prior to any candidate commencing training.

Each offer will include a deadline for acceptance and all offers will automatically lapse at this time unless accepted in writing beforehand.

The issue of an offer of training and its acceptance is a formal process and this should be kept in mind when responding.

Acceptance of an offer may be made by e-mail or by letter. If responding by e-mail you should also send a copy to the Training Officer appointed to oversee you training.

If you are unsure about any aspect of the process please contact us for advice.