Your SSTG Interview for a Career at Sea

This article provides prospective candidates with information on how to prepare for an interview with the SSTG.

Apply to SSTG for your career in The Merchant Navy
Your SSTG Interview for a Career at Sea

Booking an interview:

If you are selected for interview we will send you an e-mail within 28 days of applying asking you to contact the recruitment team by telephone to make an appointment. We will try and take your preferences into account, so have any preferred dates available when you contact us. At busy times of the year you will need to be flexible as interview schedules do fill up quickly.

Usually interviews will be held at our head office in Rochester, Kent, but occasionally these may be held elsewhere.

Travel arrangements

You are required to make your own travel arrangements to arrive at the interview on time. If you are running late for any reason, keep us advised by telephone.

If you arrive in Rochester early let our reception team know and if we are able to see you earlier than your scheduled appointment, we will do so.

Reasonable travel costs will be reimbursed. If you choose to travel by car we will reimburse you at 20p per mile, unless a cheaper fare is available by public transport. We cannot reimburse overnight accommodation charges. 

What you are required to bring with you:

When attending an SSTG interview you must have the following items with you:

  • A valid passport.

  • Academic certifications and written proof of any other qualifications held.

  • Proof of your home address.

  • Bank details form.

  • Travel receipts.

  • Two standard passport photographs.

You must bring the originals of the documents listed above. We will also need a photocopy of each document.

The interview:

The interview with a friendly member of our recruitment team will be informal to put you at ease. You are expected to have made an effort to be be smartly dressed. It is also important that we can see that you have  thoroughly researched the training you expect to receive for your chosen course, have a good understanding as to what to expect from a career at sea, and also be confident in your presentation.

You should allow up to two hours for the interview but for most applicants the interview time is likely to be slightly shorter than this.

We expect the interview process to be a two-way process so we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The final part of the interview will include a discussion about the college you may undertake your training at, the training programme you might follow and the type of vessels you would prefer to undertake your sea service on whilst under training. Make sure you have done your research into each of these areas and be ready to discuss in detail any preferences you may have.

It is important to apply as soon as you can as available career opportunities quickly reduce as their start dates get closer.

Opportunities will vary for Deck, Engineer or Electro-Technical Officer Cadet training programmes.

To be successful at the SSTG interview you will need to:

  • Have done your research.

  • Impress the interviewer.

  • And in our opinion - 'have what it takes'.

Good Luck!