SSTG Services for Careers Advisers

SSTG has provided impartial advice and support to many thousands of candidates considering a Career at Sea in the Merchant Navy as a Deck, Engineer or Electro Technical Officer Trainee during our 40 year history.

Careers adviser with Merchant Navy officer cadet candidate
Careers adviser with officer cadet candidate

If you are a careers adviser seeking general careers information, or have a more detailed query in order to provide the best help and guidance to a prospective cadet, the SSTG can help you.

We can also offer the following:

  • Attendance of careers conventions and other events.

  • The opportunity for a 'one-to-one briefing' with one of our senior careers advisers.

  • Make an arrangement for a ship visit to enhance your background knowledge (subject to availability).

  • Provide printed material for your own careers information library or distribution within your school or other educational establishments.

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Downloadable Information for Careers Professionals:

Note that unless otherwise stated all information sources here are saved at low resolution for ease of download. If you would like printed copies please contact SSTG so that we can forward these to you.

Merchant Navy careers posters
We have provided for download an eye-catching poster for use on noticeboards. These are available in three formats - and are all at full resolution for print.

A3 Careers at Sea Poster
A4 Careers at Sea Poster
A5 Careers at Sea Poster

The Ship Safe Training Group brochure
Our brochure provides background information about the Merchant Navy and the ship types that are in service, as well as details about careers at sea and maritime training programmes.

Download SSTG brochure here

The Ship Safe Training Group PowerPoint presentation
Our digital presentation provides a useful visual introduction to a career at sea for prospective candidates.

Download SSTG Careers at Sea presentation here (4mb)

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