SSTG services for Merchant Navy Cadets

SSTG provides comprehensive recruitment, training and support services for applicants seeking a rewarding Career at Sea in the Merchant Navy. We also provide training services for established seafarers wanting to gain higher qualifications.

SSTG Merchant Navy Officer Trainees
SSTG Officer Trainees

The services we provide for Merchant Navy Officer Trainees include:

New Entrant Recruitment & Sponsorship:

  • SSTG recruits new entrant Deck, Engineer and ETO Officer Cadets who are seeking a rewarding career at sea onboard our members' vessels operating worldwide.

Training Management:

  • We organise and oversee the training undertaken utilising MNTB / MCA Approved Training Programmes.

  • The college phases of study are completed at specialist universities or colleges of further education throughout the UK.


  • In conjunction with our sponsoring Member Companies and nautical colleges, we provide our trainees with guidance throughout their training.

  • SSTG monitors the progress achieved, providing the level of support required for the successful completion of the training being undertaken.