Solent Towage Ltd, training seafarers with the SSTG.


Hythe, Hampshire.


Solent Towage is the UK subsidiary of Ostensjo Rederi AS, the Norwegian shipowner specialising in offshore vessels and ship towage.


Solent Towage operate a fleet of modern ship handling / escort / offshore tugs located in the UK and Europe.

These vessels typically have crews of five – Master, Mate, Chief Engineer and two Seamen. They can also accommodate an apprentice on one of the vessels.

They handle ships of all types and sizes but one of the main tasks is to escort large tankers through harbours and environmentally sensitive areas, in case of a machinery failure on board the tanker that could cause it to be a hazard to shipping and the coastline.


These tugs are also equipped to fight fires and deal with oil spills.

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Updated:     August 2017.