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Friday 27 June 2014
Applications Being Accepted For January 2015

Monday 21 October 2013
Merchant Navy training still offers a viable career path for many young people. Few careers offer as much in terms of adventure and travel.

Monday 12 August 2013
There is a popular perception that Britain's merchant fleet barely exists. Merchant navy training can still open doors to an exciting career.


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Studying and Career Progression

Electro-Technical Officer - roles and responsibilities

With the ever growing trend for unmanned engine rooms and the growth in electronic control systems, the need for specialist Electronic Officers has evolved very quickly over the last few years. Until recently this would have been 'covered' by the Engineer Officer, but with the growth in the complexity of the systems employed onboard modern vessels today there is a requirement for a specialist who is dedicated to this role. A growing number of vessels now carry an Electro-Technical Officer (ETO), with passenger ships and other specialist vessels carrying two of more such Officers. 

Currently the numbers of such personnel in this field are relatively small, with many electronic officers having trained ashore, but the growing trend is for small numbers of candidates to be specially selected to undertake dedicated training programmes leading direct to qualification as an ETO officer.

The full 'ETO' programme is currently only offered at South Tyneside College. For background information see the course information on the college website which can be found here.

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