Human Endeavour

Longest Ocean Swim

The furthest any human has swum was 197 km (122 miles) without flippers in open sea by Susie Maroney in 1998. The Australian swam from Mexico to Cuba in 38 hours and 33 minutes despite having to battle through unexpected storms on the first night, breaking her wrist, and being stung by jellyfish.

Deepest No Limits Free Dive By A Woman

In just a single breath, Audrey Ferrera dove to a depth of 125m (411ft) in 2000 off the Canary Islands. She was underwater for 2 minutes and 3 seconds, and achieved a depth greater than that reached by Japanese submarines in World War II.

Longest Unaided Underwater Survival

A scuba diver survived for two days underwater without the use of his breathing apparatus by breathing the air trapped in the wreck of a sunken ship off Mexico. Michael Proudfoot was diving on the wreck when his scuba regulator broke. His rescuers were astounded to learn that Michael had found perfectly drinkable water in a tea urn in the ships galley and had eaten sea urchins to stay alive.

Largest Underwater Weddings

Thirty four couples were married at a depth of 10 m (33 ft) in 2001 off the coast of Thailand. The largest number of people witnessing an underwater marriage ceremony were 103 in the Virgin Islands in 2003.

Underwater Post Box

In Susami Bay, Japan a post box emptied daily by the Susami post office, is used by passing divers. The box is under 10 m (33 ft) of water.

Biggest Dive

The greatest number of scuba divers submerged together at the same location was 592 off the coast of Durban, South Africa in 2001.

Largest Underwater Press Conference

Twelve journalists were invited to the launch of Champion’s Secrets, an underwater photo manual, which was held on the ocean floor off the Canary Islands in 1997. From a lectern anchored to the sea bed the author undertook a 20 minute presentation using sign language at a depth of 16m (52ft 5 in).

Updated:   01 November 2014.